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Oscar the Skeleton

from Book of Reverie by La Greffe



[The lonely king and his imaginary kingdom]

In a far place beyond mountains and oceans there was a peaceful town where people conceal their faces behind masks. One day a young man called Balthazar came to a king’s castle to find refuge of a terrible crime.
The man said: Oh king Oscar please! I’ve been chased from my world for murder and now they all want me dead.
The king replied: I will give one chance to change it all!
You will have to stay here until you learn.

In a kingdom beyond the sky
was living a lonely king
cursed with an endless life

Oscar wanted a wife
but instead he became a widower
He kept on stealing lives
and became a follower

Somewhere deep beneath the clouds
Some soul has just departed

Oh! Oh no! My life is done now I have killed a man with my bare hands
Oh oh oh ! God forgive me for my sin but the voice inside my head took the best of me and now must I escape

Blindly running, the man is out of his mind
Slowly approaching a place far away from his kind

Early in the morning the forgotten king heard some footsteps approaching from his door
A young man appeared with a blank stare and a blurred soul.

Years have passed and nothing has changed.
My body is old now but Oscar remains unchanged.
Now I finally learned the truth
I must escape from this place
Erase my face from you

Life, Love, lies in your eyes
I see despair in the skies
And somewhere between that
I see kindness through your combat

Somewhere high above the clouds
Some soul has just...

In a beautiful evening, Oscar found a piece of paper on his throne.
It was a letter from Balthazar that said:
Dear Oscar, There is no height but the highness of his majesty
In state of madness, Oscar fell on his knees abruptly.

[Balthazar had left Oscar's kingdom. The king was once again alone in his miserable endless life.]



from Book of Reverie, released June 23, 2017
Pierre Moniz: Guitar, Vocals, Mellotron
Marie-Ève Grenier: Cello, Organ
Maxime Lacoursière: Guitar
Samuel Daigle: Bass
Charles Le Scelleur: Drums
Frédéric Côté: French Horn


all rights reserved



La Greffe Montreal, Québec

La Greffe is:

Pierre Moniz
Marie-Ève Grenier
Maxime Lacoursière
Samuel Daigle

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